Tuesday, March 25, 2008

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Brooke White

More links and things...

--Ten TV shows that changed the world (hat tip to Christ and Pop Culture.)

--What David C, David A, Brooke and Jason need to do to survive on American Idol (USA Today.)

--In the wake of the recent California Court of Appeals ruling concerning home education, Exploring Homeschooling is urging parents not to be afraid to homeschool.

--What kind of flower are you? Linda has this fun meme...and a video that will take you back a few years.

--Jeremiah Wright is "preaching to a choir I've left"--Jonetta Rose Barras in the Washington Post (from thunderstruck.org.)

--Is "chick lit" dead? Does Christian fiction need to be "edgier" to sell? Author BJ Hoff has some thoughts on these questions and more.

--Worried about your twenty-something who seems to be adrift? You're not alone, according to this USA Today article: "Around the kids, they're nothing if not supportive. But a growing number of baby boomer parents are freaking out inside..."

QUOTE: "In news of the 'no duh' variety, the American Medical Association released figures about sex and alcohol use during rowdy spring break vacations. The poll, which surveyed female college students and graduates aged 17 to 35, found that 74% believed women used drinking 'as an excuse for outrageous behavior.' ... What's happening on spring break beaches isn't just boys being boys and girls going wild. It's young people, women especially, deciding that the way to measure their readiness for the adult world is not in terms of education or emotional maturity but [by] sexual desirability. The raunchy contests and general debauchery were something that these women had prepared for, almost as though for a final exam. ... One word I heard again and again, oddly, was 'confidence.' As they psyched themselves up for wet T-shirt contests or debated whether a given guy was worth flirting with, a lot of women told me that they saw spring break as the proving ground for their attractiveness." —Los Angeles Times writer Meghan Daum, commenting on her time spent with spring break revelers (from Culture Clips)

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