Thursday, November 08, 2007

Thirteen Very Interesting Things to Tell You About

Genie Francis in "The Note"

Some interesting links to pass along to you today! As always, if you don't have time to peruse them all now, bookmark this page and come back at your leisure. Happy TT to all!

1) To help promote the movie "The Note"(which will premier on the Hallmark Channel on December 8th and is based on a book by one of my fave writers, Angela Hunt), Hallmark has set up a special site where you can “leave a note” for someone special. After leaving a note, you’ll be able to watch a snippet from the upcoming movie.

2) Just a few days left to prepare a shoebox full of Christmas presents for a needy child as part of Operation Christmas Child!

3) Sunday is Prayer for the Persecuted Church Sunday. Go here to find out more.

4) A sweet phone call to a Christian radio station.

5) Looks like Jack Bauer is a casualty of the writer's least for now.

6) Target is halting sales of a gruesome video game.

7) Yet another toy recall...and this one isn't because of lead.

8) I've been hearing good things about the movie Bella. Here's Roger Ebert's review.

9) Peggy Noonan's thoughts on Hillary Clinton.

10) It's apparently pretty good right now to be Carrie Underwood.

11) How Starbucks has become part of American culture.

12) Plugged In Online talks about Phillip Pullman, on whose books the movie "The Golden Compass" is based.

13) I just re-read Francine Rivers; Mark of the Lion trilogy (after winning it in a contest sponsored by Barb of A Chelsea Morning. People, these books are beyond good. I had forgotten just how incredible they were. If you love fiction, and haven't read them, DO. A little note about which I'm very excited: I'm going to be doing a radio interview with Francine Rivers! it's in the planning stages now.

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ellen b. said...

I heard #4 and it was so sweet! I'm looking forward to Bella. happy tt to you...

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Cool, eclectic list! Thanks for compiling all that!

Happy TT!

{Karla} said...

I love all of Angela's books and can't wait to catch this movie! (that is a great photo of Genie Francis!)

As always, thanks for the links!

(ps- I am hosting a bloggy Thanksgiving recipe thingy... please stop by for more info and if you can, use the button to promote it! I'd love to see a recipe from you! **Hugs**)

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Cindy, Thanks for your list today.I looked over the list of books that Francine Rivers has written and have found many of them that I would like to read.You get to do a radio interview with her ... how super is that!!! Baba

Anonymous said...

What a great T13! This is one of the most interesting and informative lists I've seen!

Thanks for stopping by Mini Pauses.


Melissa said...

Can't wait for the interview with Francine. You must post it!

Anonymous said...

I am eagerly awaiting "The Note" on Hallmark channel soon. I have read it twice and have a large collection of Angela Hunt books. Thanks for the review on Francine Rivers. Her books are absolute gems. So good!

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