Tuesday, November 20, 2007

If you're not in the mood for Christmas yet...

...maybe this will help

"My hope is that Christmas Memories becomes a tradition for families today, to look at the past to remember, the good times, the blessings, to catch a glimpse of a bye gone era, a simpler time and how people lived and celebrated CHRISTMAS… and then to have a discussion of REMEMBER WHEN? To me the importance of Christmas Memories is that we should celebrate Christmas EVERYDAY! "--Michael Davis, director of Christmas Memories

I heard from a voice from out of my past today. Michael Davis used to be a sales executive here at 101QFL back in the 90's. He has since gone on to the more creative side of media, producing films and documentaries with North Carolina-based Uptone Pictures.

Mike's latest project was created out of his love for vintage 8mm family movies that he picks up at garage sales and flea markets. Soon he had amassed hours of footage--and when he realized that much of it was of family Christmas celebrations, Christmas Memories was born.

The movie is a montage of family Christmas movies, enhanced with narrated stories and evocative music.

Says Mike:

"The coolest thing that I have seen over and over as we have screened the film to various focus groups is that people pull from the film things that are unique to them. While someone sitting next to them in the same viewing would pick something completely different from the same exact footage. The fact is the film literally transports people back to a time and place or a moment which has been saved in their minds for years, in some cases decades. So, when they see these images they are immediately back in the kitchen at Grammas house eating cookies on the kitchen stool. Or they are back putting ornaments on the tree as a blizzard roared outside. It has just been a lot of fun to see this kind of thing."

The movie is available at many Christian bookstores, or you can order it from the website. It will also air on television numerous times during the Christmas season, including nationally on Christmas Day on the CW Network.

In the meantime, here's a taste of it--the title song, sung by Jill Parr.


Talk..to..Grams said...

Cindy, I wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!! We will go down to my son Bill's and be with his family!

I am sitting in front of a fan as I write this!! It broke a record yesterday in Kansas City 77 degrees but it is suppose to change this afternoon and by tomorrow be around 36 for a high!! With rain/snow! Ok you have our weather report I will go back to my blog! :)

Naomi said...

This was a great post Cindy. Christmas has become so commercialised in recent years, people forget that it's a religious holiday and Jesus's birthday. It's also an occasion to make treasured memories and spend precious time with family.

Linda said...

Ohmygosh, this is very similar to the talk I'm giving Friday night. It's called "A Christmas to Remember," and I'm using pics from 1940s and 50s in one segment, then 60s and 70s in the another, and finally, contemporary Christmases. I do a about an 8 minute talk, then run the Powerpoint presentation while a soloist sings. I have LOVED looking at these old pictures. Have a great break!

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