Monday, November 19, 2007

Francine Rivers at work on a new novel "Redeeming Love" is released in hardcover

As I mentioned Friday, I interviewed beloved author Francine Rivers, and I'm delighted to confirm that she is working on a new full-length novel...her first in several years. (In recent years, Rivers has written novellas.)

Rivers' classic novel, Redeeming Love, is now available for the first time in hardcover. The book is a re-telling of the story of the biblical prophet Hosea, who was commanded by the Lord to marry a prostitute...thereby illustrating God's unconditional love.

Redeeming Love was the first book Francine wrote after becoming a Christian. She set the story against the backdrop of the California Gold Rush, which was familiar to her readers. However, her readers were used to steamy love scenes...something missing in Redeeming Love.

Author Francine Rivers

In this sound clip from our interview, Rivers talks about how Redeeming Love came about...and how her secular readers accepted it:

In the following sound clip, Rivers talks about the novel she is now writing:

We Francine Rivers fans will have to wait a while for this one...she tells me it probably won't be in print before spring of 2009.

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Ann-Marie said...

I've always thought Hosea was SUCH a convicting book. We see our sin reflected back at us, and it's amazing how God continues to love us.

Sort of reminds me of Chronicles of Narnia and that nasty little boy that - it finally dawns on us - is really US!

I don't nomally read Christian fiction (not enough explosions), but I'll give this one a try. When it comes out, that is.

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