Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Autumn in the Forest City

I've been enjoying the fall colors here in Northern Illinois. Although I wasn't able to really capture the brilliance, I snapped a few pics yesterday that I thought I'd share. These were taken along the Rock River late yesterday afternoon.

This is my daughter Elizabeth with the river as a backdrop.

Gorgeous trees along the riverside.

The young red maple in our front yard...actually taken several days ago. It's already lost a lot of its leaves now. :(

The Auburn Street bridge.


Ann-Marie said...

Recently, we've been driving down Route 2 on the way home every day, and it has been truly beautiful. What a wonderful season and a great time to appreciate where we live, huh?

I try not to think about all the leaves dying, cause that's depressing, right?

Talk..to..Grams said...

How beautiful! The river is so pretty, too. So is your daughter...Looks like she was enjoying the beautiful day! I am glad that you are feeling better... Strep is so bad....

Melissa said...

What beautiful pictures! I'm enjoying this time of year as well. Your town looks very pretty.

Carol said...

How beautiful! Here in TX, we go from green to brown. It happens quickly and is less than spectacular. Thanks for sharing your color with us!

Hope you're feeling better!

Barbara (aka Layla) said...

Hi! I found you via Malcolm and love your blog! Your daughter looks just like you - very lucky girl!

I think we have a few things in common. I can't WAIT to read more here!!! I just read the interview with Joni - awesome!

God bless you,

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