Thursday, July 26, 2007

No time for Thursday Thirteen today, but...

I do have a few things to tell you about:

1) I just interviewed the wonderful Randy Alcorn, author of Deadline, Dominion and the unputdownable Deception. Expect me to blog about it soon and hopefully include sound clips. Exclusive: Randy told me he may not be finished with the Ollie Chandler character. Yay!

2) This grandmother walked over 4-thousand miles to pray for America.

3) I don't feel so bad about being a klutz, after watching Beyonce take a tumble.

4) My Cindy Swanson, CyberSnoop today was about these incredible (but real!) pictures.

5) I'll probably post tomorrow, but after that I'll be taking a blogging break. Lord willing and if the creek don't rise, I'll be flying out tomorrow evening to Texas to see my precious grandson Payton, and many other loved ones who live there!


Barbara H. said...

My son gave me a copy of Deception as a gift, but I haven't read it yet. I'll be looking forward to your interview.

That's amazing about the man and the bears! I don't think I'd want to be quite so friendly with them!

Hope you have a good time visiting your grandson! I don't have any yet, but hopefully will some time in the next several years. I can foresee want to spend as much time with them as possible!

Sunydazy said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment.
Wow! I really enjoyed reading your WayBack Wednesday post. What a fascinating story!

sheryl said...

Oh you made my night...and my husband's and my son's...when you said Randy may not be finished with Ollie...we love Ollie!!

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