Thursday, July 12, 2007

13 Things to Let You Know About

OK, you and I both know that you're not going to be able to check out all these links right now. So why not scan the list, bookmark this page and come back to it when you have time to browse? These are just some interesting links I've culled from various sources:

1. If you have daughters and you don't want them growing up too fast, check out
We Believe in Girls.
Hat tip to Melodee at Actual Unretouched Photo. I love this quote from Mel:

I want my daughter to play with dolls, to be oblivious to teenage concerns (make-up, boys, high-heels, shorts with words written across the backside!), to be as unselfconscious for as long as possible. I don’t want her to want highlights in her hair and lipstick on her mouth and a sparkly cell phone with which to call boys until she is . . . well, twenty-three. Or at least thirteen. What’s the rush?

2. A pro-life video that I found powerful.

3. Phil Johnson blogs about the Emergent Church's drift to the political left: "We are seeing history repeat itself."

4. Semicolon tells us about a Bedtime Story writing contest.

5. Stop the presses! Girls like guys with muscles.

6. An interesting article about 70's rock icon Alice Cooper. Let's just say he's no Ozzie Osbourne.

7. If you're a blogger who supports Fred Thompson for president, (I personally have not made up my mind about anything yet) this is for you.

8. If you happen to be a fan of Christian fiction (like me), you'll want to check out Robin Lee Hatcher's pics from the recent Christian authors retreat.

9. Amusing: from the Headmistress at The Common Room, Rules My Mama Never Told Me I'd Have to Make. Hat tip again to Semicolon, who added a few of her own.

10. Don't own a Mercedes-Benz but wish you did? The official website is now offering "weekly 20-minutenews magazine and five channels with an hour each of programming that focuses on lifestyles, cars, engines and sports, automotive legends and the company's history."

11. Are high-tech gadgets driving you to distraction?

12. Who knew that Rod Stewart would be appalled at Live Earth's raunchy language?

13. And if you wonder why I loved "Wicked" so much, here's part of the reason.


Anonymous said...

Interesting set of links! I clicked on a few of them.

Anonymous said...

Great variety of places to visit :)
The pro-life video was very moving!
And, I was so happy to read on Robin Lee Hatcher's site about Francine Rivers finally coming out with another fiction novel!
Thanks for sharing these sites.

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