Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Some summertime pics to share

This summer has already had some great moments. Here a few in this slide show. You can click on the bottom of the pictures to see the captions, but some explanations are below the slide show.

1) When my sister Lisa and her husband David and their son Nathan arrived from Texas, we headed over to Chili's for supper. (Their daughter, Katie, had arrived the week before.) This pic is of David, Lisa, my son Justin, and Katie.

2) Sitting across from them were my daughter Elizabeth, Nathan, me and Doug. Don't we all look happy?

3) Elizabeth and me at the wedding reception for our friends Matt and Jill. It was a lovely wedding and reception! (My son Justin and my nephew Jeff were groomsmen.)

4) During Katie's visit, my kids went to Chicago no less than three times! Katie absolutely fell in love with the city. This is Katie, Justin and Liz on one of those visits.

5) Katie and Liz love each other very much, and it shows!

6) Me experimenting with taking my own picture. You always risk having the stretched-out-arm syndrome! But the great thing about digital pictures is that if you don't like the way you look, simply delete and try again.

7) These last few pictures were taken at a 101QFL/Radio 91 Fourth of July tradition, the Patriotic Prayer Breakfast. It's held at the beautiful Sinnissippi Park bandshell. This year, we honored Rockford Police Chief Chet Epperson with a Citizenship Award. That's me getting in a little schmooze time with the Chief.

8) When Rockford Mayor Larry Morrissey showed up, he coincidentally decided to sit right next to my nephew Jeff, my nephew Ben, and Ben's girlfriend (and our dear friend) Ashley! That's the mayor in the white ball cap.

9) Our special guest speaker was outstanding. He is Lt. Col. Steve Russell (ret), whose unit was instrumental in the capture of Saddam Hussein. Lt. Col. Russell's speech was very stirring. Here's a quote: "People come up to me and say, 'I support the troops but I don't support the war. To a soldier, this statement in absurd. That's like saying I support the Chicago Bears, but I don't want them to win their season!"

Russell has started an organization called Vets for Victory. Russell says his mission now is to raise the soldier’s voice in the national debate on the war.

10) Lt Col Russell against the backdrop of the beautiful American flag and an arc of balloons created my by co-workers, Carol Larson and Susan Hollingsworth. What a beautiful day!

1 comment: said...

Thanks for sharing all the great pictures!! It looks like your family's visit was a good one!
My missionary daughter left this morning and I have felt a little sad all day!! We had a good visit while she was here,too!

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