Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Thirteen Blogs I Enjoy

These are in no particular order, and I plan to do a follow-up with more favorite blogs later, so don't be upset if you don't see yours here!

And do please take a moment to visit some of them when you can, if you don't already do so.

Write Thinking--Author Robin Lee Hatcher's Blog--always interesting and appealing

A Chelsea Morning--I love Barb's graciousness and warmth

The Amazing Shrinking Mom--great source of inspiration and encouragement for anyone fighting the "battle of the bulge"

As I See It Now--Debra's thoughts, photographs and nostalgic ambience warm the very soul, and are often as good for me as a devotional

Author Intrusion--the blog of author Lisa Samson--as funny, quirky and appealing as Lisa herself

The Seventh Sola--My friend Joel has such a way with words--and he doesn't mince them!

Reflections in Life--the blog of my friend Randy--always thoughtful and reader-friendly

Semicolon--Sherry's a book fanatic like I am!

She Lives--She does indeed! Carol's blog is infused with her humor, creativity and zest for life

The Journey--What's not to like about a fellow Christian radio broacaster, from the Land Down Under, no less!

My Peace of Mind
--Ashley's personable, charming and reader-friendly--and she takes the time to comment on my blog, so I love her!

Karagraphy--Joy Writing in France--My friend Joy is experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime adventure--living in Bordeaux, France and teaching English as a second language. She's also chronicling her experiences through fascinating photos. I'm living vicariously through her!

--a one-of-a-kind picture blog. I especially love Marc's regular Divine Vinyl feature. :)

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