Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thirteen Things I Like About Texas

In a couple of weeks I'll be heading down to the Great State of Texas to visit my loved ones who live in the Austin area. So I thought it was appropriate that I have a Texas theme for my Thursday Thirteen today.

Here we go...things I like about TEXAS:

1) The fact that several of my dearest loved ones live there

2) The fact that it will be (in all likelihood) the birthplace of my very first grandchild

3) The fact that Texans are so proud of their state, you can get just about anything, from tortilla chips to lawn ornaments, in the shape of the Lone Star State. See the pic above, which my son Jonathan took with his cell phone at the HEB supermarket last night. Only in Texas!

4) Texas accents. They are different from other southern accents...a fact that the producers of the show, "Dallas," never seemed to catch on to. Texas girls do NOT talk like Southern belles.

5) Round Rock Donuts--IMHO, better than Krispy Kremes.

6) Tex-Mex food. Amazing.

7) Sonic. (I know other places besides Texas have it, but Texas is where I'm able to enjoy it.My personal fave is the cherry limeade.)

8) The way that most Texans don't feel the need to be politically correct.

9) Bluebonnets. Breathtaking when they're in full bloom.

10) Dillard's. Another thing we don't have in Illinois.

11) Austin. A very cool city.

12) The fact that I can go there in January and wear summer clothes.

13) Dr. Pepper. Yep, it originated in Waco, Texas. Someday I'm going to make it to that Dr. Pepper Museum!

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