Monday, November 06, 2006

Happy Birthday, Sally Field

Sally Field is 60 today, which has me feeling nostalgic (and kinda old).

When I was a missionary's kid in Beirut, Lebanon in the mid-60's, my parents subscribed to several magazines for me. One was the rather cornily-named "Calling All Girls." I really loved that magazine, though--and I remember when the issue arrived with Sally Field, as Gidget, on the cover.

Sally Field as "Gidget"

I thought she was adorable, and I was just sorry I couldn't watch the series. (Remember, folks, I was about nine years old at the time.)

I made up for it when we returned to the states and I became a big fan of "The Flying Nun." Go figure--a little Baptist girl enjoying a TV series about a Roman Catholic nun who could fly.

In later years, of course, Sally left her Gidget and Flying Nun days behind and got her props as a serious actress. I liked her in movies like "Places in the Heart," "Murphy's Romance," "Steel Magnolias" and "Not Without my Daughter."

But serious actress or not...and age 60 or not...she'll probably always have that "cute" factor that grabbed me when I was nine years old.

How about you? Any favorite Sally Field roles?

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