Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The joy of getting a magazine in the mail

My reminiscing about "Calling All Girls" magazine yesterday--and Katy McKenna's comment that she used to subscribe to the magazine as well--sent me Googling to see what I could find out about the magazine. And sent me further down memory lane.

As I told Katy, I was reminded that "Calling All Girls" eventually changed its name to "Young Miss," which in later years was shortened to "YM." Above, you can see a copy of the magazine with Lucille Ball, Luci Arnaz and Desi Arnaz Jr. on the cover. (Remember Here's Lucy? I loved that show...more skipping down Memory Lane...)

I remember other magazines that I received while a missionary kid in Lebanon. "Young Pilot" was a small Christian publication put out by the Prairie Bible Institute in Alberta, Canada. I loved "Young Pilot," and as a nine or ten-year-old, often wrote to the magazine. I remember the thrill of seeing a couple of my poems in print. I noticed that you can get old copies of Young Pilot on eBay. I should try to do so.

Another one we received was Jack and Jill, which is apparently still in publication. Cool.

Right now, I only get one magazine in the mail--a friend subscribed to Today's Christian Women for me. And my mom subscribed to Focus on the Family's excellent Brio and Beyond for my daughter.

So, my love for magazines got a very early start. And it continues to this day. Ask my husband...I spend way too much money on them in grocery store check-outs.

Happy Birthday, Billy Graham...

...88 years old today.

Today is Election Day...

My daughter and I are about to go do our civic duty, she for the very first time. Whatever your political leanings are, I encourage you to VOTE. If you're a Christian, vote your values.

I don't blog politics very often. I leave that to people who are good at it. However, I do have very strong political opinions, and I pray for my country and the outcome of this election.

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