Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Photos, re-touched or not...

A stunning video

"It's a confusing form of self-loathing and self-hatred, really - on one hand, one knows that physical appearance isn't all that matters, that one's heart does - but also knowing on the other hand that it is all that matters. We're told so every day."-- Miss O'Hara

For some time now, I've enjoyed Miss O'Hara's blog. She's a very lovely and intelligent young woman who doesn't mince words and is quite politically-savvy, but that's not all she blogs about.

Having lived through anorexia at one point in her life, she has a good deal to say about women and self-esteem issues. So it's with a hat/tip to her (and do read her post) that I share this stunning video:

Coincidentally, my friend Beth recently blogged about related issues. Like it or not, these are questions all women ask ourselves. That's just the way it is.

Speaking of retouched photos...

I'm not quite sure how I found her blog, but I continue to be impressed with Melodee of Actual Unretouched Photo. Mel is witty, charming and smart.

I like her response to a blog post in which a woman wrote about feeling extremely uncomfortable and out-of-place at a barbecue hosted by Christians (among the woman's chief complaints was the fact that [horror of horrors!!!]no alcoholic beverages were served.) Mel's post on intolerance toward Christians is balanced and wise.

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