Friday, October 20, 2006

Need a chuckle? Dogs in costume, and more

My sister sent me a hilarious e-mail full of photos of dogs in costume, and this was my favorite. I couldn't find a site with those same pictures, but there are some pretty funny ones here. Go and enjoy a chuckle. :)

For another grin, go to Brandie's blog and check out a video that's sure to tickle you.

While we're chuckling, Pecadillo is looking for a new car, and let's us join in the search.

I can't resist Purgatorio's Divine Vinyl posts. Today, he showcases the penchant of Christian musicians of yesteryear to pose for their pictures next to...trees.

Have you come across something (clean and family friendly) that made you laugh lately? Or even elicited a decent chuckle? Feel free to post a link in my comments section. I LOVE to laugh!

Happy Friday all, and have a blessed weekend!

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