Thursday, October 19, 2006

Embracing Grace, and dealing with choices

Liz Curtis Higgs and Lisa Samson never fail to please

In the past few months, I've had the pleasure of not only reading books by two of my favorite authors, Liz Curtis Higgs and Lisa Samson, but interviewing them for my radio show as well.

Liz departs from her successful Scottish fiction series to pen a small but lovely book called Embrace Grace.

Carol Kent, author of When I Lay My Isaac Down, writes of Liz's book: “Embrace Grace isn’t for perfect, churchy women who have never made a mistake. It’s for women who’ve blown it and are willing to investigate a better way to live. Liz Curtis Higgs is vulnerable, authentic, honest, and compassionate. Embrace Grace provides answers, truth, and a map that will take you from shame and guilt to a hope-filled future.”

Liz compares guilt to a heavy, scratchy overcoat in this :58 sound clip from our interview:

Straight Up, by Lisa Samson

Straight Up
is the story of two cousins, Georgia and Fairly, how they deal with the choices they've made in life, and the uncle who binds them together.

Don't expect pat answers or everything to be neatly tied up in a bow in this book. However, as always with a Lisa Samson book, you can expect a great read--transparent, funny, and true-to-life, with characters that you care about, and a storyline that engages you and pulls you in. And though Lisa is never, ever preachy, you can also expect fresh insights into spiritual truths.

When I interviewed Lisa, we agreed that it's not too much of a spoiler to reveal that Georgia goes into a coma. But that doesn't mean Georgia goes silent as a character...and Lisa and I talk about that in this 1 min. 18 sec. sound clip:

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