Tuesday, October 24, 2006

More good reason to eat your veggies!

What are you doing to stay young?

As I hurdle with break-neck speed toward the looming big 5-Oh, I am ever more conscious of doing and eating things that will help prolong my life and the quality thereof.

This new study gives me even more reason to continue my quest for eating my veggies in abundance. Fortunately, I love vegetables, so this isn't a chore--I just have to remind myself to focus on it more.

With my father having died of liver disease, this study has prompted me to eat mandarin oranges on a regular basis.

And I heard on John Tesh (yes, I do listen sometimes!) that you can keep your brain sharper by cross-training it...for example, do crosswords one day, jigsaw puzzles another, sudoku another. I don't like sudoku or jigsaws, but I wonder how cryptoquotes fit in? I love cryptoquotes, as well as crosswords.

What are you doing to stay young? I'd love to hear!

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