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The top 50 books that shaped evangelical thought

It seems I can't resist a book list, and I found this one thanks to Sherry's Semicolon blog.

You can go here to see the entire list of Christianity Today's Top 50 Books That Shaped Evangelicals.

While I won't list them all, I will list the ones I've read and the ones I really want/need to read. Here goes:

48.The Hiding Place

Corrie ten Boom with John and Elizabeth Sherrill--Wonderful book, admirable woman!

42.The Purpose-Driven Life
Rick Warren--Yep, read it when it first came out and before I was made aware that a lot of people have problems with it and Warren's philosophies.

41.Born Again
Charles W. Colson--Read it a long time ago. Really good book.

40.Darwin on Trial
Phillip E. Johnson--Have not read it; need/want to. By the way, this is the Phillip Johnson that Phil Johnson of Pyromaniacs is always having to explain that he is not.

39.Desiring God

John Piper--Haven't read it. I know, I know...get away from me with the wet noodles! I need/want to read it.

37.God's Smuggler
Brother Andrew with John and Elizabeth Sherrill--Read it as a teen; loved it. Along with another persecuted-church-themed book that's not listed here, but had a huge impact on me: Sergei Kourdakov's The Persecutor.

36.Left Behind
Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins--Read this one, and maybe the second and third one, and then dropped out. It struck me as a bit ludicrous that they were dragging the end times out so much.

34.This Present Darkness
Frank E. Peretti--Read it, really liked it...but I must confess I was looking for demons around every corner for a while.

33.The Late Great Planet Earth
Hal Lindsey with C. C. Carlson--I think I kind of skimmed this one. But it was definitely in my dad's (a Baptist pastor) circa-70's library.

32.The Cross and the Switchblade
David Wilkerson with John and Elizabeth Sherrill--Yep, read it as a teen.

30.Roaring Lambs

Robert Briner--Read it. Some good thoughts.

29.Dare to Discipline

James Dobson--Read it. Some good principles.
28.The Act of Marriage
Tim and Beverly LaHaye--Oh, yeah. Definitely, as an engaged young woman in 1978. It was a must-have for all engaged couples in the Bible college I attended. Although Tim and Bev didn't encouraged unmarrieds to read it, because of the temptation to act on the knowledge too soon. :)

Catherine Marshall--Read it, loved it--in fact, I'd like to get ahold of a copy and read it again. At the time I read it, as a young girl, I was a little disappointed in the man she ended up with. Now I think I would find her choice spot on.

20.A Wrinkle In Time
Madeleine L'Engle--Haven't read it, need to if only because it's been a major impact on so many people.

13.Evidence That Demands a Verdict
Josh McDowell--Have read parts of it.

9.Through Gates of Splendor
Elisabeth Elliot--Out of all the books on the list, this one probably impacted me the most. I read it as a Bible college student when I was part of a readers' theater based on the book, and the entire experience fueled my desire to make my life count for Christ. Also hugely influential, the follow-up: Shadow of the Almighty.

5.Knowing God

J. I. Packer--As with Desiring God, am embarrassed that I haven't read this one. I'm an idiot.

4.The God Who Is There

Francis A. Schaeffer--Want/need to read this one. Have heard good things about it for years.

3.Mere Christianity

C. S. Lewis--Am happy to say I've read this one.

1.Prayer: Conversing With God
Rosalind Rinker--Should read this one.

Check out the list and see how many you've read. And if you can recommend any of the others to me, do let me know!

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