Thursday, July 13, 2006

Thirteen random (but interesting!) things...

1) My "Cindy Swanson, CyberSnoop" radio feature was about this picture today. Check it out (it's only a minute-and-a-half long):

2) James Taylor a wuss? I beg to differ! The "sensistive folk-rocker," who happens to be one of my favorite singers, topped Blender Magazine's list of the 25 biggest wusses ever. I totally disagree. Next on the list are Dan Fogelberg, Boyz II Men, Peter Cetera, Kenny G, Rascal Flatts, Babyface and Chris Martin of Coldplay.

3) I tend to like M. Night Shyamalan movies...although I never can remember how to spell the man's name...and I'm intrigued by The Lady in the Water.

4) Did you read about that AP/Ipsos poll about lying? Wow, some mixed signals there! So it's never OK to lie...except when it's OK to lie? Hmmm.

5) The recent terrorist bombings in Mumbai, India, concerned me because I do some voice-over work for a company headquartered there. Fortunately, my colleagues are fine.

6) I'm currently reading Randy Alcorn's Dominion. The book is several years old, but it was apparently sent to me because Alcorn is soon to release a new fiction book called Deception (the first in the series was Deadline, which I really liked.) Dominion is great fiction, but I must confess it's been rather intense for me. It deals heavily and extensively with the subjects of racism, gangs, drugs, and spiritual warfare. Definitely not escapist fiction.

7) Vote for some of your favorite female bloggers at the Blogs of Beauty Awards. Voting continues through July 17th. Some terrific blogs there!

8) I rarely get to actually listen to the terrific programs on Radio 91, but I really enjoy when I get to hear snippets of the late Adrian Rogers' Love Worth Finding, Focus on the Family, and John MacArthur's Grace to You.

9) Whenever I get a chance to listen to Kathy and Judy on WGN, I almost always find it highly entertaining.

10) Also on WGN, news director Wes Bleed hired me here at 101QFL 25 years ago. (I was a mere child. :))

11) Sometimes I will just put on George Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue, for the sheer joy of listening to it.

12) Have you been following Katy Raymond's blog, fallible? Katy and her husband Doug are on an intense campaign to tighten their belts, both financially and dietarily. The results have me both fascinated and envious--am I capable of doing that???

13) And last...but definitely not least...I am going to be a grandma!

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