Wednesday, July 19, 2006

So just HOW obsessive-compulsive are you?

I took the "Monk" quiz

OK, I'll admit to a few strange quirks...but don't we all suffer from at least a little obsessive-compulsiveness?

Well, my 101qfl co-host, Darren Marlar, has been telling me for some time that his favorite show is the USA Network's Monk. Apparently it's about a detective who has obsessive-compulsive disorder. Darren absolutely loves this show, but I must admit I've never seen it--although on the strength of his recommendation, I'm going to give it a watch as soon as possible.

When I found this Monk quiz on Dianne's blog, Unfinished Work, I had to share it with Darren. We ended up taking the quiz ourselves, on the air! I found out that I'm "a little Monkish," while Darren is "more Monkish than most."

So...any Monk fans out there? Or anyone willing to share their obsessive-compulsive quirks?

Books! I read books!

Just finished Rolling Thunder, by Mark Mynheir, and I really enjoyed it.

The subject matter is pretty intense: a Florida Department of Law Enforcement detective must find a boy who has disappeared from the Department of Family Services system, all the while battling personal demons that play havoc with his emotions and threaten his marriage. Heavy stuff--but Mynheir has managed to deliver a fast-paced, suspenseful tale that resonates with hope and forgiveness.

The book has the ring of authenticity, since Mynheir himself is a police officer who has been a U-S marine, a narcotics agent and a SWAT team member. Check out his website, Cop Writer.

This is Mynheir's first novel, and the first in a series called "Truth Chasers." I happen to have the second book, and plan to read it soon...but probably not before I sink my teeth into Angela Hunt's The Novelist and Uncharted, which just arrived in the mail for me. I'm a huge fan of Angela's, and any book written by her is an event for me. Expect to hear about these books in this blog!

Christian Carnival!

The Christian Carnival is up at the Evangelical Ecologist.

The carnival is a great way to showcase your best posts while hopefully attracting some new readers to your blog. It's easy to participate. Find out more here.

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