Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thirteen random things

1) Why does Madonna feel it's perfectly OK to offend Christians? Would she like it if someone created an entire concert segment out of mocking and disrespecting Kabbalah? (For that matter, why are Christians the ONLY group that it's perfectly OK to offend?)

2) My friend Randy perfectly captures how I feel about the Dixie Chicks right now: Bigger Microphones

3) I have fallen in love with a perfume that's new to me. I first inhaled Narciso Rodriguez For Her at Bloomingdale's in Chicago when I went there last month with my sisters and my mom. When I came into some "found" money recently, I ordered it online, actually from Nordstrom's. (It's not available anywhere in Rockford.) Ohmygoodness. This stuff smells so good, I could practically drink it.

4) Is anyone else a little disappointed in the latest Kinsey Millhone mystery? I've read all the books and for the most part, loved them. Just read the most recent...S is for Silence...and although much of what I love about the Sue Grafton books is still there, it was (as Randy Jackson would say) just "aaiight" for me. I would rather Kinsey tell the whole story, rather than using flashbacks. The book was also much more overtly sexual than the others, IMHO. It did keep me turning pages, but the ending was a bit anticlamactic. Oh well...

5) For the first time ever, my husband and I are really getting into decorating our yard with flowers. Is there anything prettier? We had a horribly hot, dry summer last year, which wreaked havoc on the few flowers I did have. I hope that won't be the case this year.

6) So Taylor Hicks is the new American Idol. I definitely wouldn't have predicted that one at the beginning of the season! I must admit I lost a bit of interest when my favorites started to trickle away...including Mandisa and Paris.

7) Speaking of Paris Bennett, she is coming to my town this Saturday for a free appearance at the beautiful Coronado Theater. Paris was born here and lived here until age 12, and her great grandfather is pastor Perry Bennett of Macedonia Baptist Church.

8) This guy is pretty cool.

9) This is my favorite magazine.

10) I often buy and read Vogue despite the fact that I think it's ludicrously snobbish and hoity-toity. It's so snobbish I don't think it even realizes how snobbish it is.

11) I don't have to spend very much money on magazines anymore, because often my daughter buys them first. :)

12) One of my favorite things about my husband--other than his very cool and husky speaking voice, and many other wonderful attributes--is his hands. I don't think I could have married someone if I didn't like their hands!

13) Seasonal delight that I haven't yet partaken, but will soon and often: BeefARoo's Summer Berry Salad. Look up "refreshing" in the dictionary, and there's a pic of this salad.

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