Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Ron Howard: Don't see "The Da Vinci Code" if...

...and, what's the deal with Tom Hanks' hairdo?

"The Da Vinci Code" director Ron Howard is actually telling people like me NOT to see his movie: "Howard agrees that the movie, like the novel, 'is likely to be upsetting to some people.

"The book and its screen adaptation suggest Jesus Christ was married to Mary Magdalene and fathered a secret dynasty. But Howard insists his movie is supposed to be entertainment' and 'not theology.'"

Read more here.

Meantime, how is the movie? A review by Caroline Briggs of the BBC says it "fails to live up to the hype that surrounded Dan Brown's novel."

However, negative reviews won't necessarily keep moviegoers from flocking to the film in droves.

And if you're tired of the controversy...

How about Tom Hanks' Bad Movie Hair?

MSNBC "Picture Stories" calls Hanks' hair in "The Da Vinci Code" "an eroded hairline spewing a half-baked bob"...saying the effect is "a bald man wearing a fur beret on the back of his head."

And Caroline Briggs of the BBC writes: "... Hanks is dry and uninspiring as Langdon - and the mullet hairstyle he sports throughout deserves a credit of its own."

Go here and scroll down to click on "Images: 'Da Vinci' inspires bad movie hair," to see pics of awful movie hairdo's from Glenn Close in "Fatal Attraction" to Bill Murray in "Kingpin." Pretty funny.

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