Friday, May 26, 2006

A beloved artist

Since I don't have anything major to blog about today, I thought I'd post another pic taken when my mom and sisters were visiting me last month. (What an awesome time that was...sheer happiness. Those of you whose sisters and moms live near you, you don't know how blessed you are!)

Anyway, this picture was taken in front of my fireplace. I didn't crop the photo too much because I wanted to show you the lovely picture above my fireplace.

The picture was given to me for Christmas year before last by my dear friend Teri. Amazingly, I had seen that very picture while visiting Galena, Illinois, and had commented to my sister-in-law Beth about how much I liked it. When Teri gave it to me, I automatically assumed that Beth had told her about my comment. Not so. Teri was visiting Galena later, saw the picture, and thought I'd like it.

I actually love it. Sometimes I like to just sit and look at it. It's the kind of picture that draws you in. I've had guests comment, "I'd like to go inside that picture and be there."

The painting is called "Au Bois de Senteur." Click here to see a larger view of it.

The artist is a man named Donny Finley. All of his art seems to have that quality of almost photograph realism, yet softer and sweeter than real.

I was interested to find, at a local gift shop recently, a coffee-table type book of Finley's art, with text by Christian author Lori Wick. The book is Reflections of a Thankful Heart.

(Speaking of Lori Wick, several years ago I went on a kick of reading everything by her that I could get my hands on. I even interviewed her on my radio show...but lately I've gotten out of the habit of reading her books. Anyone a fan?)

Another thing I didn't crop out of this picture is the photograph to your left. That's my wonderful son Jonathan and his beautiful wife Daylyn on their wedding day. I love that brings back such happy memories and warm feelings!

What you can't see are the other photographs on the mantle, including ones of my daughter Elizabeth and my son Justin.

Well, I hope everyone has an awesome Memorial Day Weekend. God bless!

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