Friday, May 05, 2006

I interviewed author Linda Hall

I was delighted yesterday to interview one of my very favorite authors, Linda Hall.

I wrote this about Linda on my website's reading page: "With her page-turning narrative ability, realistic characters and intriguing plots, Linda Hall has quickly become a favorite author of mine. I had read a few of her books, including Margaret's Peace and Island of Refuge in the past, and recognized instantly her exceptional talent and singular style. Her recent books, including Sadie's Song and the first two books in the Teri Blake-Addison mystery series--Steal Away and Chat Room--have irrevocably hooked me. I highly recommend them!"

Besides being one of the best Christian fiction writers I know of, Linda is a member of the Crime Writers of Canada, so she brings special expertise to mystery/suspense stories like her most recent book, Dark Water.

Why not let Linda tell you about it? Here's a 2-minute soundclip:

I highly recommend Dark Water, as well as all the other Hall titles I've read. Go here to read my review of Sadie's Song.

And have a blessed weekend, everyone!

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