Wednesday, November 02, 2005

OK, this is a little scary...

My post yesterday about Mel Gibson's upcoming new movie drew some interesting comments from my readers.

I posted a recent photo of Mel, taken at a news conference about the movie Apocalypto.

Katy said: "Cindy, Was it you who posted a pic of Mel not that long ago? The one with his hand in front of his face? Can you point me to it? I'm sorry, but that pic really makes me want to say, 'Mel! What's up with the beard?'"

This from Matt: "Mel looks like either Osama bin Ladin or Saddam Hussein when he was captured." Ouch!

Judge for yourself:

Handsome Mel

Captured Saddam

Mel at recent news conference

Mel..if you're reading this...maybe you should lose the beard. :)

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