Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Evangelical Blog Award nominations are underway

Here's your chance to go here and nominate blogs in several categories.

Here are the categories, and my nominations:

Best Evangelical Teen Blog
Best Evangelical Group Blog--Stones Cry Out
Best Evangelical Youth Pastor Blog
Best Evangelical Missionary Blog--And I Shall Yet Praise Him
Best Evangelical Blog-Humor--I Drank What?
Best New Evangelical Blog--PyroManiac
Best Evangelical Blog-Pastor--Whirled Views with Dan Burrell
Best Evangelical Blog-Apologetics
Best Domestic Evangelical Blog (U.S.)
Best International Evangelical Blog--Pilgrim Scribblings
Best Evangelical Blog-Ministry--Chapelcino
Best Evangelical Blog-Politics--La Shawn Barber
Best Designed Evangelical Blog--Unmerited and Karagraphy
Best Overall Evangelical Blog
Best Evangelical Home Education Blog
Best Evangelical Business Blog
Best Evangelical Video Blog
Best Evangelical Heretic Blog
Best Evangelical Family Life Blog--Amy's Humble Musings
Best Evangelical Mother Blog--Blest with Sons
Best Evangelical Father Blog--Caffeinated Adventures

Now, I admit I would love to even get nominated for one of these awards. However, my blog doesn't easily fit into any of the niche categories. I was going to suggest a new category: "Best Evangelical Culture Blog," but I was too late--Eric Ragle isn't considering new categories now, since nominations are already underway.

My wish for a "culture blog" category isn't just selfish, either. There are so many wonderful blogs that could fit in that category...blogs like Lisa Samson's Author Intrusion, B. J. Hoff's Grace Notes, Word Praize, Write Thinking, A Life in Pages, Charis Connection, Fidler on the Roof and Miss O'Hara, to name a few. Blogs that encompass a variety of topics, but tend to focus on things like the culture, media, entertainment, music and books/writing.

According to the site: "Nominations will end January 5th. On January 6th the voting will begin and the winners will be announced January 16th."

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