Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Wearin' my green today...

...although it looks more like December 17th than March 17th in my neck of northern Illinois today, thanks to the picturesquely falling snow!

Hey, I made the Rockford Register Star this morning. The paper's "Life and Style"section had asked for comments about why people are proud to be Irish, and they printed this:

"Ireland is a land of poets, story-weavers and dreamers -- all of which I can relate to. The tiny island has gifted us with writers like Jonathan Swift, W.B. Yeats and Maeve Binchy; musicians like U2, Van Morrison and the Chieftains; actors like Daniel Day-Lewis, Pierce Brosnan and Richard Harris; and a host of noted Americans of Irish descent, from John F. Kennedy to Ronald Reagan. Thanks to my husband, I have a Swedish surname, but the green in my eyes reflects the green in my soul. I'm proud of whatever Irish flows in my blood."

-- Cindy Swanson, news director, WQFL/WGSL Radio, Rockford

A couple of ironic things about St. Paddy's Day: it's observed in the United States largely as a day to overindulge in alcohol, and although I'm "proud of whatever Irish flows in my blood," I personally don't drink at all. Also, as I understand it, St. Patrick's Day is not that big a deal in Ireland.

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