Monday, March 01, 2004

A clean sweep for "Return of the King"

OK, I'll admit it...I watched some of the Academy Awards show, although I found much of it (as usual) a vain, shallow and pretentious exercise in self-glorification.

But I have also admit that I was glad to see "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" capture all eleven Oscars it was nominated for, including Best Picture. The entire LOTR trilogy was incredible, and deserves to be thus recognized. The movies had everything you go to a movie to see--adventure, romance, humor, friendship, the ageless battle between good and evil...all on a sweeping visual scale that is nothing short of breathtaking.

I came late to the LOTR bandwagon...both book and movie-wise. Although I've been a lifelong fan of the writings of C.S. Lewis, I had never read anything by his good friend and contemporary J. R. R. Tolkien. When I was a high-schooler in the 70's, the Tolkien books enjoyed a new wave of popularity, but I didn't get on board with it. I thought Frodo was for hippies and the 70's equivalent of New-Agers.

But when the publicity machine for the LOTR movies really started gearing up, I decided reading the books might be a good idea. Although they aren't my favorite books, I really did enjoy them. (Why wouldn't they fall into my favorites? Well, there are times I found Tolkien a bit slow-going. I can understand why a lot of boys and men really love these books; they are heavy on male camaraderie and warfare...kind of the ultimate buddy road-pic.)

Actually, I enjoyed the third book, "The Return of the King," the most. And I definitely saw spiritual parallels. After all, we as Christians are looking forward to the eventual Return and triumphant crowning of our own King.

Also, I have to say that the movies more closely brought to life the pictures I had in my own head than probably any other movie-based-on-a-book that I've ever seen. Movie versions of "Wuthering Heights" and "Jane Eyre" have disappointed me. The PBS version of "Pride and Prejudice" was excellent, but still not quite like I pictured the story. I've got to say that director/screenwriter Peter Jackson and his team of writers, actors, cinematographers, special effects experts, sound editors, makeup artists, et al...well, they got it right, and to a vastly entertaining degree.

Ready for yet another QUIZ?

Well, I guess I'm getting kind of a reputation as a Quiz Queen in the blogosphere. But I ran across this one on Stacy's blog today, and of course, couldn't resist it.

This one has a little bit of a twist.

The instructions: Copy this list into your blog and place in bold the things that you have in common with me. For the items that you do NOT bold, replace them with a fact about you. Leave a link in comments.

I love Vanilla Coke.
I was born in December.
I prefer Coke to Pepsi.
I love to read.
I read every day.
I get bummed out if there's nothing in the house to read, and a trip to the library isn't practical at the moment.
I don't smoke.
I can't stand to be around smoke.
I think it would be extremely foolish to START smoking in this day and age, knowing what we know about how bad it is for you.
My current jobs are wife, mom, radio announcer and voice-over artist.
I like broccoli.
I love Chinese food.
One of my favorite game shows is "Jeopardy!".
I live far away from my mom, and wish I lived nearer her.
I have lived in Beirut, Lebanon.
I can't eat puppies because I think they are tooo cute to eat. (Eeeuw! Why on earth would we even think about eating puppies???)
I have no living grandparents.
I have a German Shepherd dog.
I've never been to Jamaica or Bermuda.
My favorite color is soft pink.
I am a James Taylor fan.
I'd rather be the passenger than the driver.
I enjoy a variety of musical styles.
My chief creative outlet is writing.
"Trading Spaces" is one of my favorite TV shows.
I love chocolate.
I'm fine with meeting new people.
I love my family.
Summer is my favorite season.
I'd rather hot than cold (although I'd rather be "just right!")
I don't know how to sew, except for minor mending.
I don't own a digital camera.
Our kitchen walls are tan. (most of them are---part of them are blue now, but I'm going to repaint them sage green.)I
I don't mind trying new foods, as long as they don't involve animals I wouldn't normally eat.
I love learning new things.
I took French in school, but wouldn't be able to carry on a conversation with anyone in it.
I loathe trying to figure out how to work new equipment....just show me how, please.
Heinz Ketchup is by far the best (even IF John Kerry's wife is the Heinz heiress.)
I love a clean house, but don't always enjoy the act of cleaning.
I enjoy blogging.
I hate telemarketing phone calls.
I don't use the word "hate" loosely when it comes to people.
I am curious about people, especially about how other people live.
I'm a pretty traditional person.
I prefer hearing a man sing to hearing a woman sing, generally.
I love to sing in the car! I harmonize with the song on the radio, or just belt it out good and loud.
I have never ice-skated in my life.
I enjoy board games.
I don't like liver.
I really enjoy thoughtful gifts, even if they cost nothing.
I have grown to love canteloupe.
I would never have a pet snake.
I am politically conservative.
I love lying in bed and talking with my husband about life.
I really enjoy having "me time" occasionally.
I use blogging as a creative outlet.
I go to church often.
I believe in God.
I'm smart enough to know that there's lots of smart people and others who just think they are.
I have been known to procrastinate on occasion. (now, there's the understatement of the year! :)
I went to a British school for two years.
I always try to be a good person.
I've gotten better about saying "no" as I've gotten older.
I have three children.
I have been married for over 19 years.
I strive to do what is right. Sometimes I mess up.
I am very good at word games.
I excel at trivia games.
I like to people-watch.
I love getting handwritten letters.
I prefer sending emails.
I have hundreds (maybe thousands) of photographs that aren't labeled or in albums.
I'm a touch-feely person, for the most part.
I enjoy cooking and like trying new recipes.
I love the smell of fresh baked bread.
I like candles more than incense.
I am so not the perfectionist, except in little things.
I have never been arrested.
I don't have any fish.
I love romantic comedies, a la Tom Hanks/ Meg Ryan.
I love to watch movies.
I don't have any learning disablities (other than thick-headedness), and I don't know my IQ.
I love being clean, and adore a good bath.
I wish all the people I love lived close to me.
I rarely add salt to anything at the table (although I will add it in the cooking process).
I am usually pretty easygoing.
I'm not as organized as I'd like to be.
I simply CANNOT go grocery-shopping without a list.
I have hardly any freckles.
I would love to own a PT Cruiser.
I love to shop for other people, even though I rarely know what to get them.
I saw the movie "Moulin Rouge."
I don't speak computer. I need Computing for Morons.
I appreciate honesty.
I am disappointed when someone lies to me.
I have 8 nieces and nephews.(that are blood-related to me...many more if you count my husband's).
I wish I was better about helping people.
I love to give people gifts.
Summer is great.
I would buy more things for people just because ~ if I had more money.
I love to travel.
I love to fly.
I love eating out.
I wish I were more observant.
The smell of Vicks Vap-o-Rub reminds me of being sick as a child.
I like free samples at the grocery store.
I prefer baths to showers, except in hot weather.
A tender, medium-well steak with a fluffy baked potato and big crispy salad is my favorite meal.
Jesus is incomparably wonderful!

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