Tuesday, January 04, 2011

My Favorite Season


a yearning look at Summer...

I was recently asked about my favorite season, and I didn't hesitate to answer: SUMMER.

There are things I love about spring and fall, almost nothing I like about winter, but SUMMER is without a doubt my favorite season.

I think it all goes back to when I was a child, and summer always meant FREEDOM from school and studying and rigid schedules. Even though I’m an adult now, with responsibilities that don’t end in the summer, I still get a little of that excitement back when school’s out.

(For me, summer begins at the end of May, not June 21st. My husband is an educator, so the calendar year still revolves around a schoolyear for me.)

I took this pic of the area where my sister Lisa and I loved to sit and chat in the evenings at Port Aransas

Things I love about summer:

—not having to wear a coat or jacket or sweater.

—wearing sandals and flip flops and pretty strappy shoes.

—getting pedicures because my toes can come out of hiding.

--flowers and greenery everywhere.

—going swimming!

--going out in a boat.

—going to a beach. My favorite vacation was to Port Aransas, Texas, a couple of years ago. I want to go back!

My grandson Payton and my niece Arden on the beach at Port Aransas, TX

--long, long days of light thanks to daylight savings time.

—cute summery dresses and other cute summery clothes.

—cold summery drinks like Sonic’s Cherry Limeade, or a tall glass of iced tea with lime.


—Family picnics.

And no, I don’t mind getting hot and sweaty, because there’s always an air-conditioned place I can go for relief!

Yep, summer is definitely my favorite season. What's yours, and why?

Payton on the beach...he loved it!

*photo credit: Ashley Morrison Photography via Brabourne Farm


Katharine said...

I am a Fall girl! I love the cool air, & colours, but your lovely photos made me want some warmth(cause I am NOT a winter girl!!)

Kay Day said...

Mine is fall, followed closely by winter.
I get sick in the heat. So, I dread summer.
But I love the colors and smells of fall. I love the crunch of leaves. Cinnamon and stews and soups.
I love snow and sitting by a fire with a hot drink and a book. I like coziness. I'm kinda a house-cat and don't really spend much time outdoors unless I'm in the mountains, so it can get as cold and blustery as it wants and I will enjoy from the window. :)
But I really don't even mind being out in it, for a while, anyway.
I'd like to try snow-shoeing sometime. :)

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