Monday, January 10, 2011

Life Made Lovely: Lovely Braids

Few hairstyles are as lovely, as serene, as graceful as braided hair. My own hair is too short to effectively braid, but I love looking at the various lovely braided hairstyles that are out there.


If I tried this look, I would end up looking like a frumpy old hausfrau. On this young girl, it's adorable!


Actress Kate Bosworth, looking regal in a braided style

I love this look on my friend Ashley (who I've known all her life!)


Pretty, n'est-ce pas?

I absolutely love the look of a French braid...and I like how this girl left some of her hair out of the braid


One of the latest trends is the loose, casual side-braid or "fish-tail" braid. I think this look is lovely!

So there you have it...some lovely braids. If you'd like to try some of these looks yourself, simply go to and do a search for "braid tutorials." You'll find a bunch!

I'm participating today in Life Made Lovely, hosted by Blessed Little Nest...join me!



Laurie J said...

how fun! my hair's long enough to braid.....I just might have to try the side braid to be a little trendy :) you know....for all the cool people I see all day, like my 4 small kiddos who are impressed w/those kind of things! ;)

Paris in Pink said...

Oooh these are lovely. Definitely inspiring me to try braiding my hair more often!


Paris in Pink

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