Thursday, January 13, 2011

Biggest Loser: The unknown trainers remain unknown

Careful, SPOILERS if you haven't yet seen it

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Well, I told you this show likes to manipulate us. They dragged out the anonymity of the new trainers for one more episode. Honestly, it's not so much that I'm dying to see the new trainers--it's that I'm having a hard time getting to know the teams that are off the ranch with the new trainers.

Although I'll admit, the show did make a bit more of an effort to let us see those teams this time.

But I digress. I find myself siding with and pulling for the teams that ARE on the ranch, training with Bob and Jillian. Is that exactly what the show's producers want us to do? In past years, they've always highlighted every bit of drama between the contestants on the ranch--what better way to create drama than to have the two groups vying against each other?

Anyway, yes, I'm liking the ranch-teams best right now. I'm still loving Courtney. She has the spunk and motivation that have made me like other contestants in the past. I can also see her transformation with each passing week. Mark my words, she is going to get prettier and prettier as each pound drops off.

I also really like Jennifer, the blonde girl who had the struggle with worrying too much about her dad.

I've got to admit, though, that I was perturbed at the ranch teams' performance during that disastrous challenge. The fact that they couldn't agree on a strategy was disturbing. Also, are the guys on those team men, or mice? Interesting that not one of them "manned up" to say, "OK, THIS is what we should do." Actually, they just needed someone with leadership skills, man OR woman, and they just don't seem to have that.

Also, Arthur's confidence seems to get a bit out of control at times. He needs to dial that down a notch before it balloons into OVERconfidence. Fortunately for him, it paid off this time, as he lost a whopping 13 pounds and helped insure that the ranch teams won the week's weight loss challenge.

So no one had to go home, and I was happy about that.

I'd love to know your thoughts and feedback!

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Finding Pam said...

Cindy, You pretty much summed it up about last week's show. I can't imagine the new trainers are very well known and I agree with you that it is difficult to know them when we haven't met them as of yet.

I can't imagine why they are teasing us like this. I hope I am not dissapointed when they make their reveal.

I like the same contestants as well.

You have a marvelous voice. I enjoyed hearing your podcast.

take care and have a great week.

Lea said...

Well, sorry that I don't watch Biggest Loser, so am "in the dark" on what you are talking about. Guess I need to "get with the program." :o)

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