Thursday, February 04, 2010

Toda the Miracle Cat

...a heartwarming story about a cat who has used one of his nine lives

Every day on 101QFL, I do a feature called "What Today Is"--a mixture of goofy and worthy "holidays" that occur on any given day.

Today, "Spoiled Cats Day" was among what my former co-host, Darren Marlar, used to call "weird, wacky, zany, unusual holidays."

As I often to, I used one of the weird holidays--this time, Spoiled Cats Day--as my Facebook status, and asked my friends to tell me about their own spoiled cats.

Tayna McCord responded:

My cat is a miracle cat. He was placed in a tail pipe by some kids, the vet told me to put him to sleep. I said no, got the meds for him from the vet. The car had driven with him in the pipe, so his eye exploded and his lungs were burned and his whiskers were gone. I asked my church to pray for this poor animal. They did , next vet visit the vet couldnt believe it. The cat named Toda was healed. He is partially blind but loves life and thinks he is a person. He gets daily treats and spoiling! We love him. Toda means sacrifice for something better. I think it is fitting...

As you can see, despite his eye injury, Toda looks healthy and content today. And as one of my other Facebook friends responded, "Wow, Tayna. After all that, he deserves to be spoiled! Mine, not so much."


Brenda Leyland said...

I was so tickled to hear about Toda's purr-fect little miracle!

I LOVE kitty cats and it really wrenches my stomach when I hear how ill some people treat living creatures. But this story has such a wonderful, purr-fect ending.

I LOVE how HE loves all His creation.

Brenda Leyland said...

PS. I was so smitten with this kitty cat's story, I've decided to chat about him tomorrow on my site and link it to this posting.

Hope your weekend's purr-fect!

Cindy Swanson said...

Very cool, Brenda! Thanks and have a wonderful day.

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