Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A lovely little Valentine book

Speaking straight to a woman's heart are stories about enduring love, surprising love, a second chance at love, long-distance love and

Listen to an excerpt from my interview with LeAnn Weiss here

LeAnn Weiss is no stranger to writing the heartwarming and inspiring stories of other people. As the co-author of the bestselling "Hugs" series , LeAnn has even earned the moniker "The Hugs Lady."

But something happened to LeAnn just in time for her latest book, Valentine Promises: Heartfelt Reminders of True Love.

She fell in love.

LeAnn and her husband, who she calls the love of her life, are an e-harmony success story--even though LeAnn had pretty much given up on e-harmony and was taking a sabbatical from it, when a message from Rick slipped through.

Long story short: After waiting for 42 years for Mr. Right, LeAnn found him in Rick. So some of the love stories in this book chronicle her own falling-in-love experience.

LeAnn Weiss loves listening to people's stories, so she's the ideal person to compile them and share them in lovely little books that include her own beautiful love letters to God and paraphrased messages from God to us.

Sprinkled throughout the book are thoughtful sayings and quotations about love.

This books would make an ideal Valentine's gift for your loved one--or even for yourself.

Listen to an excerpt from my interview with LeAnn Weiss here

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Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

Cindy, I was intrigued by your posting about LeAnn Weiss........ first because it's a book about love, but my eyes really locked in when I see that LeAnn's 'long story short' echoes my own love journey. I was 40 when I married my own Mr. Right, whose name in my case is also a wonderful man named Rick.

Too funny, eh?

And then I was intrigued by the fact that LeAnn has become known as "The Hugs Lady"...... I just received a prophetic word from someone who believed that in these coming days God would use me to 'hug' people into their healing from a wounded heart.

Methinks I must go and look for this LeAnn's work.

So thanks for the heads up!


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