Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Cindy Swanson, CyberSnoop: The Case of the Colossal Canine

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Actually, we could have called this the Case of the Gargantuan Great Dane. Are those pictures of a 7-foot-long Great Dane for real?

The e-mail that’s currently making the rounds features photographs of a blue Great Dane named George, who almost looks more like a pony than a canine, and whose owners claim he may be the world’s tallest dog.

And yes… and several other publications confirm he’s definitely for real, and he’s definitely that big. No photo-shopping necessary.

Giant George is a 4-year-old blue Great Dane who measures 7 feet 3 inches from nose to tail, weights 245 pounds, and stands 3 and a half feet tall at the shoulder.

George’s owners, Dave and Christie Nasser of Tucson, Arizona, say George

--sleeps on a Queen Size bed...alone
--Consumes 110 pounds of food every month
--Has to bend over to drink Out of the kitchen faucet
--Sits in a chair like a human

If you want to know more about George or want to see more amazing pictures of him, not a problem. He has his own website——his own facebook page, and you can even follow him on twitter.

Confirming another internet rumor, this is Cindy Swanson, CyberSnoop…reminding you to check it out BEFORE you hit that “send” button!


Ganns said...

Whoa, that is one huge pooch.

Brenda Leyland said...

Mmmmm.... I wonder how big a scoop-bag you have to take along when you take this big fella out for his walk and business!

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