Monday, February 01, 2010

Monday Melange

Main Entry: mé·lange
Pronunciation: \mā-ˈläⁿzh, -ˈlänj\
Function: noun
: a mixture often of incongruous elements

--It appears my blog is "Lost"-centric again today--understandably, since the show returns for its final season tomorrow night?

You can go here to list five of your favorite Sawyer nicknames...although I must say, some of my favorites aren't even among the options. I loved when he called Sayid "Al Jazeerah" and when he called Daniel Faraday "Twitchy."

I wonder if there's a list somewhere of all the nicknames he's used? Sawyer's nicknames are one of my favorite little things about "Lost."

--So apparently the polar bears were not as big a deal as "Lost" viewers have made them. One more interview with the producers.

--Couple of really good Christian fiction reads I've recently enjoyed: "A Lady Like Sarah," by Margaret Brownley, and Colleen Coble's "The Lightkeeper's Daughter."

--Don't you just hate that?--One of my favorite bloggers ever, Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee, talks about a book that lists some of those things you "just hate." This one, among many others, resonated with me:

Not being able to throw out an old magazine because it has an article you want to read that you know you're never going to read.

Yes, I just hate that! I have way too many magazines in my home as a result.

--Do you ever wonder what makes women stay with their very high-profile straying husband? One of the best Christian writers, Angela Hunt, collaborated with Gayle Haggard on "Why I Stayed." I haven't read it yet, but it sounds like a very good read.

Got something interesting going on at your blog? As long as it's family-friendly, feel free to leave a link in my comments section!

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