Saturday, October 10, 2009

This is my Sixth Blogoversary!

Me in 2003, when this blog began

On Friday, October 10th, 2003, I kicked this blog off with this little entry: "Well...hello.

"I guess this is my introduction to the world of blogging....a modern technological wonder that appears to be tailor-made for people like me, who can't seem to stop putting their thoughts on paper (or cyber-paper, as the case may be!)

I think this is going to be fun!"

Later that day I came back with a lengthier post filled with personal happenings.

A year later, I celebrated my first "bloggiversary": "As I look back on the year that has passed, I'm struck with an unexpected but obvious benefit of keeping an online diary. I now have a written record of the past year of my life. I blogged about most of it, good and bad.

"From the Cubs barely missing the World Series, to my son's wedding, to my father's worsening illness and death, with a ton of discoveries of new book and music delights, annoyances and opinions thrown in for good measure, it's all there.

"Yep, I enjoy blogging. So I guess I'll stick around a while."

My blog has evolved somewhat since I first started it. Early on, I discovered I could add pictures, and I still think that's one of the things that grabs people. I want the look of the blog to be bright and appealing.

I started out with one of Blogger's standard templates. A few years ago, I paid Susie of Bluebird Blogs to create a custom design for me. I still love it. The musical notes represent not only my love of music, but the fact that the title of my blog, "Notes in the Key of Life," is a play on words. (I actually got the idea from Stevie Wonder's 1976 album, "Songs in the Key of Life." I always thought that was a cool title!)

I still blog about personal events and activities, but I would say the focus is more on the culture from a Christian perspective, with a strong emphasis on Christian fiction.

In the beginning, I don't think I was writing so much for an really was just my "random thoughts." Now, I take into consideration the fact that some people really ARE reading most of the time I try to make it worth your while.
I'm more conscious of the "salt and light" aspect of having a blog that people actually take time to read.

With my burgeoning involvement in Facebook and Twitter, I've neglected my blog of late. But I'm renewing my commitment to it. After six years, I can honestly say blogging is a good thing--a way for me to connect with friends, family, like-minded people all over the world, and the general public, on many levels.

And hopefully another way to fulfill my life's mission statement: "O Lord, let your light shine on others through me."


Lizze said...

Happy Blogoversary! :)

Randy said...


Your blog is still one of the best around!


Juliet said...

Congratulations on your 6th anniversary with blogging. I feel the same way you do about blogging keeping us in touch with family and friends.

As far a comments made, people tell me they read it but never make a comment. And I trust that as believers, our blogs with point other to Christ and even perhaps encourage others who are walking with the Lord.

Like facebook, but blogging is a great way to keep a diary of happenings in one's life.

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