Thursday, October 08, 2009

A sequel to "Phantom of the Opera"? Coolness!

What "Phantom of the Opera" fan hasn't wondered what happened after Christine and Raoul rowed away, leaving the woebegone Phantom to declare that the end of the story?

Apparently Andrew Lloyd Webber has. The famed composer is announcing a stage (not movie)sequel, called "Love Never Dies." But this time, the Phantom isn't residing under the Paris opera house. He's made his way to Coney Island.

Yes, you read right...Coney Island.

Webber says the ending of the first "Phantom" is "unsatisfactory":

"Christine goes off with this boring guy, the Phantom disappears," Webber said. He said he wanted to set the piece at Coney Island because, at its turn-of-the-century heyday, it was "the eighth wonder of the world."

"Love Never Dies" is due to open in London in March. The musical also will be staged in New York beginning November 2010.

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