Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oh no, not Abby!--Biggest Loser was too sad last night

My favorite contestant on this season's Biggest Loser went home last night.

Abby Rike, the woman who lost her husband and two children in a car crash 2 and a half years ago, basically sacrificed herself so that her team-mates could stay on the ranch.

I'm so sorry to see Abby go. She was one of the most inspiring people on that show. You never saw her whining or being mean or petty. She was consistently positive and gracious, despite having experienced a devastating tragedy...and despite the fact that a problem with shin splints kept her sidelined most of the time.

Honestly, I thought Daniel should have stepped up to the plate and insisted that he himself be voted off. This is Daniel's second season on the show, and I do like him, but he's already proven his ability to lose weight off the ranch.

But, it is what it is. I'm not really crazy about any of the remaining women on the ranch--I like Amanda and Rebecca, but Liz and Tracey are incredibly annoying.

I do like the remaining guys a lot...and I'm actually hoping a man will win it all this time. I'd love to see Rudy, Danny or Allen take it all. Great guys.

Abby's update at the end of the show indicates that she's still losing weight, thriving, and sharing her testimony of triumph over tragedy to encourage others.

But I will miss Abby on Biggest Loser. How about you?

Incidentally, a bit of trivia: according to this article, Abby was influenced to join Biggest Loser by one of my LEAST favorite contestants ever...Vicky Vilcan. Interesting!

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