Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Stuff to tell you...

--So have any new revelations about "Lost" come out during the big Comic Con? Ehh...not really. But this guy attended the "Lost" panel discussion with writers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof and reported on it. (There are also videos on YouTube of the panel, but I found them a little hard to watch because of the bootlegged production values...and because the writers did so much joking around, it was a little hard to get anything out of it, so I gave up.)

Just a few things to note: the writers say there are no clones on "Lost," they re-iterate that there are no nanobots (one popular theory for the smoke monster), and that the character of Libby will be seen in more flashbacks.

--I can think of things to drink that are certainly more refreshing and energizing than eel juice, but apparently some folks in Japan like it!

--If you're the caregiver of someone who is terminally or critically ill, or physically or mentally disabled, this is for you. The SomeOne Cares Christian Caregiver Conference will be held September 16 - 18 in Ridgecrest, NC. There'll be several guest spakers, panel discussions and more, as well as a Friday night concert with the wonderful Scott Krippayne. And good news: some scholarships are available.

From the website:
This conference is designed to reach those who are searching for spiritual comfort, relief, and direction as they experience the loss, frustration, anger, grief, and hopefully, the joy of caregiving. The goal of SomeOne Cares is twofold.

--Share what God's Word has meant in your life, and maybe win a video camera? Instead of asking, “What Would Jesus Do?”, an American Bible Society ministry, wants to know, “What Can You Do?” To enter the month-long Flips Ahoy contestthat begins on August 4th, participants should go to and upload an audio, video or
written account of the ways in which they have experienced the Word of God in their lives. On September 2nd, one winner will receive a new Flip Video Camcorder. A donation of $1,000 will also be made in the winner’s name to the Light of the Amazon, a project designed to provide medical,dental and social assistance to communities in islands within the Amazonian region. (

--A very cool video of the Casting Crowns song "Who Am I," using hand mimes. Beautiful!


Smilingsal said...

I'd seen the video before; it's amazing.

Randy said...
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Randy said...

Cindy Lou,

"Who Am I" by Casting Crowns is my all time favorite by them. What an absolutely amazing song!

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