Monday, July 14, 2008

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Tony Snow remembered for his deep faith

Tony Snow, who passed away Saturday at age 53, is being remembered not only as a terrific guy, but a man of deep faith.

William Kristol writes in the New York Times:

"Tony Snow was a conservative. But he didn’t have a prejudice in favor of melancholy. His deep Christian faith combined with his natural exuberance to give him an upbeat world view. Watching him, and so admiring his remarkable strength of character in the last phase of his life, I came to wonder: Could it be that a stance of faith-grounded optimism is in fact superior to one of worldly pessimism or sophisticated fatalism?

"Tony was one of the nicest guys you’d ever meet — kind, helpful and cheerful. But underlying these seemingly natural qualities was a kind of choice: the choice of gratitude. Tony thought we should be grateful for what life has given us, not bitter or anxious about what it hasn’t."

Tullian Tchividjian, pastor, blogger and grandson of Billy Graham writes:

"Last fall he (Snow) spent the day with my granddad. I arrived to my granddad’s house one hour after Tony and his wife left. I was sorry to have missed him. They spent their time talking together about the way God meets people as they walk 'through the valley of the shadow of death.' Not only was Tony dealing with the pain and suffering that accompanies cancer, but my granddad was still reeling from the death of my grandmother three months earlier. I wish I could have been there to listen in on this conversation between two godly men speaking about God’s goodness and faithfulness in the misdt of life’s real and painful trials.

A year ago Tony wrote an article for Christianity Today entitled Cancer’s Unexpected Blessings. In this article, you’ll find a man whose understanding of God differs radically from those who believe that God always heals those who possess enough faith...What Hebrews 11 makes clear is that it takes more faith to believe in God’s goodness and faithfulness when he chooses not to heal. Tony’s article exemplifies this."

Stuff to tell you...

--Were you disconcerted when Samantha on Bewitched suddenly had a brand new Darrin? Or when the appearance of Will Smith's aunt on "The Fresh Prince" suddenly changed completely? Here's a funny list about such casting switcheroos--appropriately titled "The Darrin Effect." (hat tip to USA Today Pop Candy.)

--Are you a Green Bay Packer fan? Here's where you can weigh in on what the Packers should do about Brett Favre.

--Poor Miss USA Crystle Stewart--she is the second Miss USA in a row to fall down during the evening competition at the Miss Universe Pageant. You can watch her embarrassing moment here, but I for one think she made a graceful save and still looked gorgeous. And I give her credit for being able to walk in high heels and an evening gown at all.

--With the Olympics coming up, Voice of the Martyrs tells us that despite what you may hear, Chinese Christians are still being persecuted for their faith. VOM is now offering a prayer band that can be worn during the Olympics to acknowledge your prayer support for Chinese Christians. (hat tip to

--I recently posted the interview I did with Jimmy Moore of "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb." Well, after I interviewed Jimmy, he interviewed me...and you can now hear that interview here.


Solameanie said...

Or how about when there was a new Chris Partridge on the Partridge Family. Jeremy Gelbwaks was replaced by Brian Forster.

How's that for trivia?

SmilingSally said...

I just finished listening to the interview with Jimmy Moore; you and I have another thing in common! I left him a detailed comment. Thanks for the tips.

Juliet said...

Sorry for the death of Tony Snow...Bob was only 53 when God called him home. I still thinks it way too young..but God's ways are not our ways.

LauraLee Shaw said...

I admired Tony Snow SO much! Glad to see your tribute to him.

Tracy said...

Thank you for posting this lovely tribute to Tony Snow. How very sad that we lost one of the few good guys in media, way too soon. I really enjoy your blog, btw! ~ Tracy

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