Thursday, July 10, 2008

13 Good News items

We're inundated with bad news every day. Rising prices, job layoffs, war and I decided to try to find some GOOD news. Here are 13 items (by the way, researching for this post has convinced me that I want to add to my regular internet stops!):

1. Army medic, home on leave, got to deliver his own child

2. Vehicle and gear stolen from Christian band "Rush of Fools" has been recovered after the band asked for prayer

3. A house cat has adopted a rejected panda cub

4. The radio station where I work, 101QFL, is sponsoring the Drive-Through Difference, in which listeners are encouraged to pay for the person's meal who is behind them in the drive-through at a fast food restaurant. People are reporting getting a huge blessing out of doing this!

5. A new book says laughter is good economic medicine

6. Rice prices may fall due to good production prospects (from

7. Mail carrier catches baby under window (from

8. Hero pulls woman from crushed car just as fire erupts (from

9. Iraqi lieutenant gets prosthetic limb from Coalition forces (from

10. A Minnesota center helps paralyzed vets find jobs (from

11. As the economy worsens, people are spending less money on junk like sleazy adult entertainment (I think that's good news, anyway! :))

12. British and Iraqi soldiers are building camaraderie through soccer (from

13. The economy is rebounding in Silicon Valley

Let me know if you have some good news items to report!

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SandyCarlson said...

I love this list. Joy is a fuel of its own sort.

Randy said...


Years ago, Anne Murray had a song that was called, "A Little Good News." The video was great too. In the song she was singing about how it would be nice to turn on the news and nothing bad happened that day. What a wonderful thought. Thanks for a great list that reminds us that even though we live in a fallen world, good things can still happen.

Be well,


Juliet said...

I was always thankful for WMBI radio station. After they would give the news around the world they would end it by saying."Now for some good news!" Then they would quote a scripture verse.

But you are so right about so MUCH BAD could get you really down if you didn't know the Lord.

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