Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thirteen Things to Let You Know About

1. Paris Hilton is already out of jail. But she won't be out partying for at least 40 days.

2. Some companies have a Results Only policy? This is my kind of job. Hat tip to Goodbrownie.

3. (In my best mom voice): I told you so! I knew those shoes with wheels on them had to be dangerous.

4. She's being called the Polish Anne Frank: diary discovered. Hat tip to Lisa Samson.

5. Letters written by the late author Flannery O'Connor are being made available to the public. Hat tip to

6. Model Gisele Bundchen thinks no one is a virgin these days:

"Today no one is a virgin when they get married ... show me someone who's a virgin!" she said.

Actually, I could point her to quite a few.

7. A new poll suggests that the more people watch television, the less likely they are to go to church or believe in traditional morals.

8. The San Antonio Spurs have a secret weapon: a group of nuns who are praying for them and cheering them on.

9. Ford has passed Toyota in initial quality rankings. (Can I get a "Yay!" for American-made?)

10. Actor Cuba Gooding Jr. was a real life hero recently.

11. In case your mom never taught you or you didn't take home ec, this video will teach you how to sew on a button. Hat tip to The Evangelical Outpost.

12. A lesbian is suing the Christian online dating service eHarmony. Hat tip to La Shawn Barber.

13. Author Jean Blue is proof that even great grandmas can write mystery romance.

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