Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Have you heard the "Jungle Jam" radio show?

...and today is "Buy Yourself a Toy" Day

Wikipedia describes Jungle Jam this way:

"Jungle Jam and Friends: the Radio Show!, or just Jungle Jam, is a radio show with Evangelical Christian themes as well as witty, entertaining stories geared for both juvenile, teen, and adult audiences that take place either in the Jungle or with the Jungle Jam gang. The show also features an and Friends segegment, usually an adventure on RazzleFlabben Island with Marvy Snuffleson. Created by Jeff Parker and featuring the voice, writing and sound editing talents of Nathan Carlson, Phil Lollar, David Buller and many others, the program first aired in 1993. Within two years, it was airing on over 800 radio stations. Cassettes of the broadcast were available from Word Entertainment until the year 2000. At that point, the show was taken over by Fancy Monkey Studios, Inc., who sell CDs of the broadcast at FancyMonkey.com."

I had never heard of Jungle Jam until "Marlar in the Morning" host Darren Marlar came to 101QFL. He's received permission from FancyMonkey.com to serialize the Jungle Jam stories in shorter form here on the station.

The stories play early in the morning when kids are getting ready for or being taken to school, and kids are not the only ones who love it. The stories are humorou and extremely well-acted, -written, and -produced. They teach Christian values in an extroardinarly charming way.

I've already decided that my grandson, Payton, will be hearing Jungle Jam as soon as he's old enough to enjoy it! You can order the CD's at FancyMonkey.com. I highly recommend them!

Buy Yourself a Toy Day...

When my 101QFL co-host Darren Marlar informed me that today is "National Buy Yourself a Toy Day" and asked me what my favorite toy was as a child, the first thing that popped into my head was "Etch a Sketch"!

Sure, I loved baby dolls and Barbie dolls. But I can remember amusing myself for hours with an Etch a Sketch. (Come to think of it, it's amazing how many of us grew up quite happily with the complete absence of high-tech toys. No video games or computers for us--and we liked it fine!)

The tape recorder

One of my favorite ways to amuse myself did have at least some primitive technology. It was the tape recorder--and as I look back on it, I see that it was a clear sign of what I would later end up doing as a career.

I was probably only eight or nine when my sister and I first began singing into my dad's reel-to-reel, while my parents were missionaries in Lebanon. We didn't have TV, so we had to get creative about coming up with fun things to do.

We would sing, have our own "radio shows," even read "commercials" out of magazines.

Later, back in the states, a cassette recorder became one of my best friends. I would "interview" anyone who would let me, and again record my own radio shows.

It's funny, I didn't realize in those days that I wanted to do radio as a living. I always wanted to be a writer. But even back then, my life path was making itself pretty evident.

But enough about me...

What was your favorite toy as a child? Did you like it enough that you'd go out and buy it for yourself, on this "Buy Yourself a Toy" day? Or maybe you still have the original...or maybe you'd like to buy yourself one of today's toys? Let me know in my comments section!

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