Friday, June 01, 2007

My husband doesn't watch commercials.

That's not my husband in the picture, but it could be--it certainly captures one of his typical poses! He doesn't have a lot of time to watch television, so when he does, I guess he figures he's not going to spend time on commercials. I've told him that all of the power and money and ideas on Madison Avenue are wasted on him.

Well, apparently he's not alone. According to the Associated Press, new research indicates that more than half of the users of digital video recorders (DVR's) fast-forward through commercials while watching prime-time network TV. (Read more here.

OK, commercials can be annoying...and even disturbing. And network TV shows seem to choose their most vulgar clips to use in their promo's. But aren't there a few TV ads that you consider your favorites?

The Billy Graham Library Dedicated

The new Billy Graham library, set to open to the public next Tuesday, was dedicated yesterday.

The 88-year-old evangelist spoke for some seven minutes to the august crowd. But I think one of the sweetest things was the tribute he paid to his ailing wife, Ruth. Ruth Bell Graham has been bedridden for months. Said Graham: "I go in to be with her several times a day...I go in and see her and remember all the great things we've shared together."

He added, his voice heavy with emotion, "I want to honor her, and tell you how much I love her, and tell you what a wonderful woman she has been."

Graham allowed the museum to be built only after he was assured it would be aimed at glorifying God, not Billy Graham.

Is this Nessie?

An amateur scientist claims to have captured the Loch Ness monster on videotape. Watch this Scottish news report.(I must admit I was almost distracted from the story by the lovely Scottish accents of the newscasters!)

Everyone go out and have a blessed and wonderful weekend!

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