Monday, June 04, 2007

Book Trailers--The Wave of the Future?

...and a great idea for your book trailer!

Not long ago, I stumbled on the blog of an author who had "trailers" for her books--just as movies have trailers that give you a preview of what the movie is about.

While I didn't care for this author's genre, I thought the idea was pretty cool. Why not use the Internet to provide cool previews of your book? I wondered if Christian authors were trying this technique. I honestly had not heard of it before.

Just a few days later, I get an e-mail from Christian fiction writer Brenda Coulter.

Brenda writes:

"In the past couple of years authors and publishers have been producing "book trailer" videos in steadily increasing numbers, yet most internet-savvy fiction readers still don't know they exist. The trailer for my soon-to-be-released inspirational romance novel is an excellent example of how some writers are turning their creative skills to making promotional videos that will intrigue readers. I hope you'll consider posting it on your blog."

Check out Brenda's trailer here.

And now my great idea...

If you're an author who is considering creating book trailers, why not add a voice-over? I just happen to be a professional voice-over artist, and my prices are VERY reasonable!

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