Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thirteen Top Baby Names in England and Wales

Do we in the USA not know Jack about Baby Names?

I've always been fascinated by names. I stumbled on this website listing the top baby names of 2006 in England and Wales...thought it was pretty cool!

(I have to divide up the boys and the girls' lists, and I'm going to add some extras, so it's actually going to end up a little more than 13. Humor me. :))

Top Five Boys' Names in England and Wales in 2006:

1. Jack
2. Thomas
3. Joshua
4. Oliver
5. Harry

Top Five Girls' Names in England and Wales in 2006:

1. Olivia
2. Grace
3. Jessica
4. Ruby
5. Emily

New additions to the top 50 in 2006:


Top Baby Names in Scotland in 2006


Top Baby Names in Northern Ireland in 2006


Interesting: Jack has been the top baby name in England/Wales for the past 12 years!

Interesting: The top baby names in America in 2006 were Jacob and Emily. Here's the full list.

Jack came in at #35.

Oh, the Jacks in the pictures? Jack Bauer (actor Keifer Sutherland, 24); Jack Shepherd (actor Matthew Fox, Lost; my brother-in-law, Jack Trieber. my comments section, let me know if you a) have a child with any of these names or b) are thinking about naming your child one of these names.


Jean said...

My 2-yr.-old granddaughter's name is Sophie Grace. I also know several little Jacks. My 4-yr.-old niece is Olivia. I named my kids before those names were "in"!!

Actually, when I was naming my first child in 1974, I wanted to avoid the most-used ones, like Amy, Jennifer, Michelle, etc. So I named her Lisa. A month after she was born Good Housekeeping listed the most frequently used names from the year before, and Lisa was right there among the others!

JAM said...

None of those names in my family. Ours are almost all Bible names, John, Paul, Mark, Rebekah, Rachel, etc.

Melissa said...

I love looking at top baby names! My youngest daughter's middle name is Olivia. My niece's name is Grace. I love all of those names-if I had any more kids, I'd probably pull his/her name from this list. said...

My grandson who will be a sophomore
in college this fall,his name is Jacob. My grand daughter-in law who just had the new baby is Sofia.
and another grandson is John.

Anonymous said...

Neither of my children's names are on the list. I thought Nathan and James were pretty popular names, but I guess I was wrong. As for our new baby, I'm sure Nicola and Jean aren't very popular nowadays either.

Thanks for that Thursday 13, Cindy!

Marybeth Whalen said...

Hey-- my oldest's name is Jack. He was named for my grandfather and we decided to name him that when we were still just dating! We like to say that we named him Jack before it got popular. He likes his name, so that is good. If you want to see my Jack, just check out the photo that is in the header on my new and improved blog!

mom2mine said...

I have a "Grace" in my kids but as a middle name.

I have tried to steer away from more popular names and each one of my kids names have become more popular.

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