Thursday, June 22, 2006

Thirteen random things

Floating around in my brain:

1) Now that weapons of mass destruction have actually been found in Iraq, do you think we'll hear any apologies from those who basically called President Bush a moron and denigrated our intelligence-gathering? Uh, don't hold your breath.

2) Is there some law requiring that cash advance loan stores have to have ugly, gaudy signage? Glaring yellows and reds seem to be colors du jour. Come on, people, tone it down. We see you already!

3) Yes, I've known that Michelle Malkin is awesome, but I would often forget to read her blog. Now I'm hooked on her video "Hot Air" vents. Very cool lady.

4) According to my 101QFL morning show co-host, Darren Marlar, today is Soap Microphone Day. Do you sing in the shower? I often do, but I don't use the soap as a microphone. My daughter frequently uses a hairbrush as a mic, so our station engineer gave her an old mic that was going to be thrown away. She loves it!

5) Today is also Stupid Guy Joke Day. I confess I've been guilty of passing along those funny but sometimes mean-spirited e-mails, but I actually think guys are (for the most part) pretty cool. So in lieu of a stupid guy joke, I give you Darren Marlar's Way to Early in the Morning to Understand the Punchline Joke of the Day: The Husband Store.

6) My latest culinary delight: veggies on the grill. Lately I've been slicing up summer squash and zucchini, onions, carrots, and tomatoes; sprinkling them with pepper and some seasoned salt; sprinkling them lightly with extra virgin olive oil; wrapping them up in a foil package and putting them on the grill for 20 minutes or so. Would that all things good for me tasted SO delicious!

7) My lovely niece Lindsie is getting married this Saturday. This freaks me out a little, because Lindsie is not much older than my daughter Elizabeth. The two have been close since they were born. Lindsie's marrying a great guy, and I pray all of God's richest blessings on them!

8) Do you enjoy quenching your summer thirst with Sun Tea? Well, you may want to re-think your tea-brewing habits. My "Cindy Swanson CyberSnoop" segment today confirmed an e-mail rumor that brewing sun tea could generate harmful bacteria. Check it out here.

9) Have you ever looked into your archives to check out what you were blogging about one year ago today? On June 22, 2005, I was blogging about the American Film Institute's Greatest Movie Quotes of All Time, The Princess Bride, and Evie Tornquist Karlsson. How about you?

10) I still try to do the Rockford Register Star's cryptoquote everyday--I LOVE cryptoquotes!--but I still haven't succumbed to the soduku craze.

11) I've found some of the stories coming out of the Presbyterian and Episcopalian national conferences this week very disturbing. Joel Griffith says it better than I could.

12) On my bookshelf: a preview copy of Nancy Moser's "Mozart's Sister." It's a fascinating look at the woman who was also remarkably talented, but because of her gender, had to take a back seat to her genius brother. Great reading!

13) I haven't watched TV all week. Not on purpose...just haven't had the time or inclination. And you know what? I haven't really missed it.

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