Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thirteen places I want to go

Some of these places I HAVE been to, and I just want to go back. Other places I've yet to see. Here we go:

1) Ireland --it's been my dream since childhood.

2) Scotland--it's been my dream since Braveheart.

3) England--while I'm at it, why not a tour of the United Kingdom? I would love to visit London.

4) Vermont--Friends tell me it's gorgeous, especially in the fall

5) Steamboat Springs, Colorado--I was there once, on my way somewhere else, and I immediately fell in love with it. It was so beautiful, and I LOVE the Colorado Rockies.

6) Savannah, Georgia--My parents went there for a convention once, and my mom has never forgotten how beautiful it was, especially the old houses.

7) The Maine Coast--Have heard, and read, that this is gorgeous.

8) Boise, Idaho--My daughter-in-law's hometown. I was there in the winter, for the wedding, but I would love to see it in the summer.

9) San Diego, California--Specifically, the Del Coronado Hotel in Coronado. Been there once, will never forget it, would love to go again.

10) Paris, France--I know, people tell me it's dirty and the residents have bad hygiene and bad manners, but I'd love to go anyway!

11) Provence, France--Everything I've read about it makes it sound idyllic and lovely.

12) Greece, the Greek Isles--I'm one quarter Greek, and would love to see the place where some of my heritage is rooted. I've also heard and read that the islands are beautiful.

13) Branson, Missouri--Had my honeymoon here, have been back a couple of times. I just love the spirit of this little resort town!
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