Wednesday, August 25, 2004

This is laughoutloud funny and unputdownable!

Scott McClare blogs today about a witty and "ouch"-inducing (how's that for an original term?) article by Tom Payne about the cliches often used by book reviewers.

Although my status is admittedly amateur, I love to review books on the reading page of my website, and I think I may be guilty of a few of those cliches--including describing a heroine as "feisty," maybe calling a writer's style "inimitable" and even using the phrase: "...but these are minor quibbles." Whew---I'll know to avoid these now!

I actually like one of the phrases Payne cites--when a publisher told him a certain book was a "lie-in-the-bath-with-a-glass-of-wine" kind of book. While I would be sipping juice or soda instead, I've certainly done my share of reading in the tub. Well, what else can you do when a book is "unputdownable"???

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