Tuesday, August 24, 2004

So you want to be a writer?

I've wanted to write since I was a little girl...and I have written. Page after page of stories (many unfinished), essays, articles, interviews, reviews...even, in my youth, a few stabs at (probably very bad) poetry. Even this blog is a venue in which I'm free to do one of the things I love most to do: transfer my thoughts, feelings and observations into written form.

Still, I long to see my writing validated by being published. Why? One of my favorite authors, B. J. Hoff, helped me examine my motives in her Grace Notes blog today.

B. J. urges aspiring Christian writers to preface any plunge into writing-for-publication with a season of prayer. Her post today vividly illustrates that writing isn't about glamor or riches, or even a convenient way for a stay-at-home mom to make some extra bucks. It requires real commitment and backbone, among other things, and most of all, the help of the Lord.

Good words, B. J.

An evening with Tim Lee

Doug and I had the pleasure last night of singing at my brother-in-law Kelvin's church, Berean Baptist of Beloit, WI, at special meetings featuring evangelist Tim Lee.

I've known Tim for quite some time, but he has become really special to me in the past couple of years as he's been incredibly kind to my family in Texas. It all started when Tim came to speak at my dad's church in Round Rock in March of 2002. Tim and my parents hit it off right away. My dad's illness was just starting to get really bad, and since then, Tim has checked up on my parents regularly and been wonderfully supportive of them.

Tim has a special aspect of his ministry in which he conducts meetings at small churches, asking for basically nothing monetarily in return. He simply wants to be a blessing to these little churches, and he definitely is. Earlier this year, he spoke in meetings at my dad's church, and the ripple effect of decisions made in those meetings is still being felt.

Tim's kindness to my family has endeared him to me greatly. It is an un-showy, behind-the-scenes compassion and support that is totally devoid of seeking glory or kudos. He is saddened about my dad's passing, but told me last night that he was so glad he was able to spend time with him in the last couple of years of his life.

Tim is a former Marine whose lost his legs in a land mine explosion in VietNam, and he has a stirring message of patriotism. He is able to connect with service people in a wonderful way. Currently, Tim's ministry is involved in what's called Operation Semper Fi, which is aimed at placing the gospel in the hands of 180-thousand Marines.

I was truly blessed last night as I heard Tim preach on being a spirit-filled Christian. His message is as uncompromisingly strong on Biblical truth as it is heavily seasoned with grace.

I consider Tim Lee an American hero, and I'm honored to count him as a personal friend.

Click here to read Tim's testimony.

(By the way, if you are in the Beloit, Wisconsin area, Tim will be speaking at Berean Baptist of Beloit tonight and Wednesday night as well. Services begin at 7 PM. For directions, call the church at 608-365-5878.)

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Dianne said...

Wow, great stuff today, Cindy! BJ Hoff is one of my favorite authors and her advice on wanting to write is something I needed to hear (I have lots of unfinished stuff taking up space on my PC). I remember Tim Lee from my Bible college days - what an inspiration. Oh - and I loved your Princess Bride post yesterday - my favorite movie all of times!!

God bless . . .

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