Thursday, August 12, 2004

Grace Notes...a terrific blog by a terrific writer

One of my very favorite writers is B.J. Hoff . She represents two of my passions: Christian fiction, and Ireland! Here's what I wrote about B.J. on the reading page of my website:

"Given my fascination for all things Irish, it's no wonder I fell in love with B.J. Hoff's 'Emerald Ballad' series. The series follows a family from famine-stricken Ireland to their immigration to the United States. I've also read part of B.J.'s 'Song of Erin' series, and some of her stand-alone novels. A terrific writer who spins very entertaining tales."

Actually, I need to update that paragraph, because soon I hope to read the third in B. J.'s American Anthem series.

Asked why she often writes about Irish immigrants, B. J. replies: "Well, who’s more interesting than the Irish, after all? There’s no danger of ever running out of stories about them!...Seriously, I love writing about the people who built our nation—our ancestors—and there’s really no way to do that without writing about immigrants. And since the Irish immigrants played such a hugely important role in settling America—and since my own family tree is exceedingly 'green—' I chose years ago to focus on Irish characters. However, in Prelude, the first book of my American Anthem series, you’ll meet not only Irish immigrants, but Italian and Scottish as well."

I'm so looking forward to reading "Jubilee." However, I'm happy to announce to those of you who love fiction and perhaps aspire to write it, as I do, that B. J. now has a blog in addition to her excellent website. Grace Notes is described as "BJ Hoff's Meeting Place for Writers and Readers of Christian Fiction."

B.J. has a lot of practical experience and accrued wisdom in the field of Christian fiction writing, and she shares these resources freely in her blog. She tells me she would also like to see it become a place for interaction, so feel free to post comments and questions in her comments section. I know I will be a regular visitor there!

If you haven't had a chance to read the first two in the American Anthem series, click the pictures below to read my reviews.

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joy mccarnan | said...

Thanks, Cindy.
I had no idea she had a blog out there.

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